Fall is upon us…

Fall is upon us in downtown Hood River…That means crisp fall days
and…..harvest.  I cannot tell you what a joy September and October are in
Hood River. We are awash in abundance, from fruit (especially lovely into
the fall because of the late, long summer) To Salmon (everything is in the
river at the moment! Incredible fish, delivered to our doorstep!) Crabs from
the coast, Forage, (Chanterelles, Matsusakes, Lobsters and Porcini in
massive quantities) and the last cut of products from our small farm
vendors…… It’s just incredible.

The fact that Grape harvest is part of it all, and that the vineyard owners
are in the restaurants, releasing their next year’s vintages, only makes it
that much better!  I can honestly, say, and my partners share this feeling,
That Fall is the single best season of the year, hands down.

It has been a fantastic year for Celilo Restaurant, and as we gear up for
next spring, after a quiet winter of hibernation and renewal, we are already
counting the days until we can start to work with our products
again…..Fall is the conucopia, but Spring, well Spring is the heady elixir
that draws us in and gets us ready for a new year!. When you come visit us
in the Spring, we promise to you that we’ll have so many heady elixirs from
the winter before. The care in this area that goes into our grapes….Well,
I can tell you first hand, that it is first rate. You’ll taste it in the
Springtime when it comes time for us to celebrate Wine and Pears in Hood

~Maui Meyer

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